Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

In the present page, you will find information with regards to the proper and lawful use of the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD (the “Company”) Website. It is noted that, the following terms and conditions are applicable to all visitors and users entering the website, whether deliberately or accidentally.

This website is fully owned and maintained by P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD, which is its sole and rightful owner.

The following terms and conditions determine the proper use of the website and any action taken through a user’s navigation herein is subject to such terms and condition, which are applicable as of the moment of access on the website.

It is noted that upon the start of navigation and the use of the website, the user hereby agrees and is fully bound by all the following terms and conditions without exception.

Intellectual Property Rights / Copyrights

  • All copyrights and content exhibited and contained in the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website, including but not limited to, texts, pictures, photographs and designs, are the property of the Company. Therefore, the use, reproduction and distribution in any form, of any part and at any time, of such contents without the prior express and written consent of the Company is forbidden, unless it is for the user’s personal use only and which is for the purpose of becoming informed and deciding upon the use of the Company’s services.
  • The Company reserves the right to taking the relevant legal action in cases where the aforementioned clause is breached by any Website user.


  • It is noted that the information available on the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website is considered reliable, to the best of the team’s abilities, at the time of preparation and upload. All necessary actions have been taken by the Company to provide such information only in the given period of time. The Company cannot be held liable for any data changes or alterations not present which may hinder completeness and accuracy of this information at the end of time and/or at any time following upload. P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD takes all necessary steps, to the best of its abilities, to update the content of the website, without affecting the above. The Company cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to any user resulting from the use of the information presented on its website.
  • P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD reserves the right, from time to time and without prior notice, to modify and update its website contents, including, but not limited to, the present terms and conditions. Such modifications and changes, especially where these are applicable to the terms and conditions of use of the website, are automatically applicable to all users, without exception.
  • It is noted that, the entry and navigation on the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website is under the full responsibility of the user and therefore the Company cannot be held liable for any damage which may occur from its use. Furthermore, when visiting the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website, the user accepts full responsibility for any risk occurring from such access or unreasonable use of the website. The Company cannot, under no circumstance, provide a guarantee of non-damage to its users’ assets when using the website or any material downloaded from it.
  • Due to the nature of the Company’s operations and to ensure the provision of the best service to its users, the website contains links to other websites, which, however, are not bound by the present terms and conditions, nor by the ethics of P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD. Such websites operate under their own terms and condition upon which the Company has no reason or weight. Therefore, P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD bears no responsibility for the confidentiality and protection of users’ personal data, once they leave/exit the Company’s website and navigate to another, even if a link is provided through the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website.
  • These Terms and Conditions cease to be effective upon leaving the website and accessing another, whereby any responsibility for data protection is lifted from P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD.

Security and Privacy Policy

  • When entering and navigating in the website, the user authorises the company to collect information and personal data. The latter reserves the right to store such information and data for use such as the provision of services to its customers and informative actions on new opportunities and services provided by P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD. In particular, P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD, with the user’s consent as mentioned above, may use these items as follows, but not limited to:
  • Send forms or other correspondence
  • Send electronic press releases, other announcements and other electronic promotional materials
  • Delivery of products and / or gifts
  • It is noted that the information and data requested and stored is primarily necessary for the provision of the services requested by the user as well as for the correct maintenance of the client’s database for the best and most effective service provision. Under no circumstances will these information and data be used for direct sales or unwanted communications, unless consent has been sought and granted for such use. These will only be used for in-house purposes and will not be used for purposes other than the Company’s routine work and under no circumstances will be distributed, except in cases of Court rulings by the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus, whereby it is specifically and irrevocably required that the disclosure of such information and data is performed.
  • Personal information and data refer, without limitation, to the name, address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the user.
  • In addition, P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD uses statistical data (browser type, geographic location, age, gender) to optimize the website as well as the service provided, which is part of the internal process of continuous improvement.
  • For safety purposes, P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD advises parents to monitor the activity of their underaged children as well as children under the age of 16. Parental consent must be received before submitting information on the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website. In cases where such consent has not been received, the Company bears no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the data that has been given, used and stored.
  • It is noted that the Company takes all necessary measures to protect users’ personal information and data within reasonable and feasible limits.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use

  • P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD reserves the right, from time to time and without prior notice to its users, to modify and update, in whole or in part, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website. Such modifications are automatically applicable to all website users, without exception, and it is considered that the user has been informed of such alterations of the terms and conditions as well as of them in general.

Violation of Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Unlawful use, based on these terms and conditions, leading to their violation, entitles P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD to undertake the necessary legal action as well as all necessary measures to protect its rights, without excluding the possibility of forbidding access to the user in breach.

Governing Laws and Judicial Jurisdiction

  • The laws governing the Terms and Conditions of Use of the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website are the applicable laws of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Any legal action taken by either the Company or a user as well as the resolution of any occurring disputes as to the use of the website are under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus, whose decisions will be binding to all parties involved.


  • The P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD headquarters are located at Alexio Building,
  • 62 Ifigenias Street,
  • 5th Floor, 2003 Acropolis,
  • Nicosia, Cyprus.

Queries and Complaints

  • For information, queries, complaints and instances where any issue is encountered while using the P.T.A GOLD HERITAGE LTD website, please contact us at info@goldheritage.com.cy.