Joint Ventures

A lot of time, effort and energy goes into creating your business, but we all know, whether we talk about it openly or not, there is always more that can be done to get more out of our business for the benefit of others and ourselves.

Gold Heritage is keen to enter into joint ventures with third parties whether individuals or companies (firms). By finding the right partner to work with, we can leverage this hidden potential in our own business. In many instances, the introduction of “new eyes” looking upon a deal can be both very refreshing and rewarding. Finding the right partner is key to any joint venture.

Therefore, seeking the right joint venture will always be on our radar. Gold Heritage understands that for a joint venture to be successful it must recognise the needs of both parties where risks and rewards are fairly shared between partners.

We have a flexible approach to structures and, together with our potential partner, we will come up with the most beneficial arrangement for all parties.

Our intended stakeholders are: Wealthy individuals, Provident Fund, Funds, Investment, Insurance.