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Modern and minimal one bedroom apartments located in Engomi, distinct for their design, aesthetic, and ergonomy.

MOXY promises to make each day beautiful, little by little!

Guided by the needs of a modern person, GOLD HERITAGE has designed a comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing construction in Engomi, fully concerted to today’s standards.

The goal is the development of a sustainable and practical high specification structure with balanced aesthetic, that will contribute to the beautification of the area and the quality of life of its future residents. The main component of this project is its exceptional modern design. The intense yellow of the interior adds a new dimension to the residential cityscape of the area. The building consists of 12 one-bedroom apartments, each apartment includes an allocated parking space and storage.

Moxy is located in Engomi near the University of Nicosia and opposite Hippocrateon Private Hospital, as well as other resources for everyday necessities. As an exceptional architectural project, it is designed in such a way to satisfy the needs of modern life in the city, whilst simultaneously offering a unique choice to create beautiful memories and live dreamy moments.

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